Stage Fuel Barge Bagansiapiapi County Begins

Stage Fuel Barge Bagansiapiapi County Begins - Main Stage entertainment nightly ritual in celebration Bagansiapiapi Fuel Barge, began diminta. There will appear a superstar dari Taiwan and neighboring country artists. 

Rabu (05/21/14), the main stage is located still in place last year, Temple Street, right in front of the Temple of Old Ing Hok King, recently began installing wood frame bottom, some workers are deployed, including the installation of traffic signs, traffic diversion. 

Not known exactly secretariat committee execution of this event, but from a number of banners and billboards that have been installed, either at the Lion, and in addition to the temple Ing Hok King, said the event will be held June 12 to 13, 2014 . 

This event will present Super Star Taiwan and Indonesian artists, termasuk Xu Zi Hao, Ceng Cong Ying, Ciam Ya Wen, Ong Li You, Li Tang, Qi Pai Cia. 

Meanwhile, based on the appearance of the main stage performers the same event the previous year, the audience exploded, and it is estimated that this year as well.[dok]

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