Why it is not a good idea to delay catalytic converter dismantling

Kamis, 06 Mei 2021 - 00:39:21 WIB
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Metroterkini.com - The catalytic converter is a consumable element of the vehicle exhaust system. It can get clogged, and its cleaning is impossible. However, the element’s remaining, even if it has become unusable, is quite high. This is why the assembly is not thrown away but scrapped to special firms that are engaged in the repurchase of vehicle parts.

AutoCatalyst Market Indonesia buys out faulty automotive catalytic converters. The cost of a particular converter depends on its condition, car brand and manufacturer, amount of precious metals, stock exchange rate fluctuations.

Faulty catalytic converters can cause the engine damage

Ignoring a faulty catalytic converter is not an option. This element is responsible for purifying the exhaust; its clogging can lead to malfunctions of the exhaust system. If a vehicle with a faulty catalytic converter is operated for a long time, the engine power will drop and ceramic dust, as well as other particles of deteriorating converter honeycombs, may get inside of it. As a result, the engine will malfunction, the car will be difficult to start, and the engine may fail in the worst case.

Proper operation of a vehicle requires timely diagnostics and checking which elements require replacement.

Here are some tips on what to do if the catalytic converter is out of service:

  • It is possible that removing the catalytic converter without installing a new one will increase engine power. But there is another option, when the lambda probe and other sensors, having detected that the converter is not there, will switch the engine to emergency mode.

  • The absence of this element is harmful to the environment since the toxic exhaust is emitted into the air. Many countries ban driving such vehicles impossible; it will also not be possible to undergo a technical inspection legally.

  • If a catalytic converter replacement is required, a used product cannot be bought since its condition may be poor and after a short period of time, it will be necessary to buy a new one.

As a rule, a catalytic converter fails when the vehicle has run 60,000-90,000 miles. The failure can be determined by side tones. The converter becomes unusable due to contamination of the internal structure of the honeycombs, which are clogged and cannot operate appropriately. But sometimes, the converter breaks down due to a collision with foreign objects on the road. Ceramic honeycomb splits and distinctive sounds can be heard, which is useful to identify the breakage.

It is also recommended to pay attention to the vehicle power, the acceleration rate. If it is hard for the vehicle to pick up speed, the pipe or resonator may be clogged. A sign of the catalytic converter breakdown is an increased oil and fuel consumption, a turbine malfunction. 

New vehicle models are equipped with a special Check Engine sensor that lights up as soon as a breakdown occurs. The catalytic converter service life shortens significantly if the car owner prefers a sporty, sharp driving style, and often starts with a cold engine. Poor-quality fuel harms the catalytic converter the most; it contains lead, which destroys honeycombs of the structure.

The easiest solution is to simply buy a new catalytic converter and install it instead of the used one. [***]